On our Wigtownshire farm, we have a large selection of beautiful Call Ducks for sale:
Whites, Apricots, Mallards, Silvers and Blue Fawns.

All colours are very different. Males have more spectacular colours, especially at breeding time, have curly tails and are slightly bigger. Females are very noisy, certainly like to be heard !! (My husband says just like women.)

They like routine at feeding time. I feed my Calls on soaked wheat in the winter, then at the beginning of the year give them layer's pellets as well.

Getting ready for the breeding season:
This is my favourite time of the year. Calls like to pair up, but they can be separated, with great difficulty, just for breeding time. If you want to breed with a certain male and female, they have to be kept separate. eg keeping all the breeds pure, whites, apricots, mallards. Better if you can, as when you don’t know what is breeding with what, you can end up with not such nice colours. I know this is not always possible, and depends on how keen you are to keep the colours pure.

Incubating eggs:
I try to let my ducks sit on their own eggs, 28 days, have tried other methods, incubators, silkies, had loads of tears over incubators, maybe haven’t right one! But I feel it's best to let nature take it's place. Usually when the eggs start chipping l lift them then, and put them into an incubator.

Raising young ducklings:
Next question I've been asked loads of times - do you help the ducklings? Female Calls are good mums but you must protect the young ducklings in their early days, as they are tiny. Watch out for predators, which will take any eggs or ducklings in the open. Once ducklings are hatched leave them in the incubator for 24 hours, just to let them dry, then l put them under a lamp, in a netted run. One end has carpet, and other has a raised mesh for their water fountain to sit on, then the water can drain away. Ducklings hate to get their feet wet, carpet keeps them dry and warm. You must change carpet and clean flooring everyday. If they get cold or wet, they will die very quickly as they are very fragile little things.

Once they start to get older, switch the light off for a short time, but don’t forget to switch it back on!! When you start moving ducks to a bigger area, still give access to heat, and watch out for vermin.
Calls need shelter from cold, wind, snow and sun, they like being in the shade! eg bushes, small trees, fences. They only require  small houses, approx 2ft. Calls love water but don’t need huge amounts or too deep - access to small tubs is ideal, changing their water frequently.

If you are interested in keeping Call Ducks, need more advice or would like to buy some of our beautiful birds, please get in touch.
We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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